Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Since i was a lil girl, i watch Disney movies and listen to Disney stories. I've always thought that a girl's life is like a princess with happy ending. As i grow up, i realize it isn't at all.

Hopes and dreams shatter. Trusts turn to betrayal. Promises broken. Believes turn to doubts.

Nightlife definitely crush everything. My everything. I just wanna be with someone who shares my likes and dislikes and definitely someone i can just fall for naturally. I literally hate being planned out. But because of what i've been through i don't and can't open up to anyone at all.

I just wanna be normal again. NORMAL );

Monday, June 7, 2010

More or less ?

Something really ironic that i realize..

More friends comes with more enemies. Really weird indeed. 

Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. Does that apply? 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

When i thought you knew me best.

2nd post in the morning. i couldn't sleep, so i guess i should make use of my time.

more than half a year ago, i was disappointed by him for accusing me of misusing drugs. i hated him for doing such stupid thing and always asking him not to and monitor him often. why would i wanna slap my own mouth by doing the same thing he did? where can his brain probably be? because of rumors, he chose to believe others and not believing me, his ex gf who was with him for 3 years. i thought he knew me. note the word thought. it was just all in my mind. was blinded by it. he doesn't know me at all.

and today, half an hour ago. another him , he kindly slot in the topic and said taking such stuff is not good. my mind went blank. and so i replied i didn't and don't do such thing so why tell me. the first day i met him, i hated him because he was a mess and right in front of my eyes. i told my friend right away that not to bring him out whenever i'm around. i was so pissed. when i got together with him, i told him how much i hate druggies and advised him not to take anymore. and so he did. it doesn't matter if he listened to me or if it was just his will power. he should know by himself that i won't do such ironic shit. same scenario, i thought he knew me. but actually he doesn't know me at all.

disappointed much.
they said the ones you love, knows you best.
not true after all.


I don't know if i should call you "people" idiots or morons. There are so many rumours going on. When will it stop?

First it was my relations with guys. Wtf. It's bad enough to have me related to guys i barely know. Whoever i hang out with, seems to be my bf right? if i hang out with 10 guys, all of them are my boyfriend at once? stupidity i tell you.


you people are accusing me of drugs. what nonsense. people who knows me well, I DON'T TOUCH SUCH NONSENSE. NEVER ONCE AND NEVER WILL. i WATCH but i DON'T take them.

For once, use your "fortheloveofgod" damn brain to THINK ! -.-

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is it YOU ? ♥

Is it you, is it you that i've been waiting ?

you seem to be someone who's truly real.
i like you but i'm afraid of taking another step.
you've been really great to me and really fitting into all my criterias.
i'm too terrified that you might be too good to be true.
and about today, i only said a word and you jumped to conclusions.
without letting me say another word.
and now i have no idea what to do.